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Why We Love Cruises

Why We Love Cruises

If you have never been on a cruise before, you should absolutely think about it for your next escape. We enjoy the fact that you can have as relaxed or as adventurous of a vacation as you want. It's also a vacation that lets you get a lot of bang for your buck! With gourmet food available to you almost 24/7, you get lodging, travel, and entertainment all inclusive. Let's take a look at some of the main reasons why we love to cruise:

1. All Inclusive

When you go on a cruise vacation, you have so much more than shore excursions to enjoy. You won't be bored - there is so much going on and something for everyone. Nightly music, Broadway style shows, comedy, and casino gaming are just some of the options offered. You can also enjoy the on board spas, art auctions, poolside activities, and special classes like jewelry making or ice carving demonstrations. And don't get us started on the food! Gourmet 3 course meals nightly or casual dining at the buffet, there's something for all tastes. 

2. Fun for Everyone

Cruises are our favorite way to travel with a crowd! If you have babies, children, or teens in your crew there are special on board activities for them to enjoy, while you kick back at the pools, spa, or casino. It's also very easy to split off and do your own thing making sure to reconnect at dinner every night. And have you checked out some of the amenities? Marvels of modern engineering, cruise ships are like floating cities with shopping, dining, music clubs, ice skating rinks, bumper cars, pools, and so much more!

3. An Ocean View

One especially great thing about cruise vacations is that you can enjoy a breathtaking ocean view. After a fun-filled day, we love to walk around at night, lay out on deck and stargaze. We always bring our binoculars with the hopes of catching a whale or dolphins. One time, we were treated to watching a lightening storm way off in the distance. Truly unforgettable! 

4. Excursions and Adventures

What is better than being able to unpack once and then island hop?! When you're cruising, you can choose from multiple itineraries, which allow you to explore multiple ports. Most of our personal cruising experience has been on the Caribbean islands and we enjoy how diverse each one is with their own unique history, culture, and cuisine.

5. A Variety of Experiences

Wine tastings, snorkeling, a day at the beach, bus tours - every stop offers so many opportunities for adventure and exploring! Some of our favorites include swimming with sting rays in Antigua, enjoying the pink sand beaches of Bermuda, and tasting the best coconut rum we've ever had on St. Thomas. No matter what you're into you can find something to enjoy on a cruise vacation. 

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