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Our Favorite Packing Tips

Our Favorite Packing Tips

Whether you burn the midnight oil the night before a trip or make checklists and pack ahead of time, these are the 3 major packing tips we always try to stick to...

Roll, Roll, Roll Your Clothes

Don't fold. Folding takes up more space. And if you REALLY want to economize your space, pick yourself up some compression bags that you can pack full of stuff then squish down in your luggage so you still have room for all of your souvenirs! 

Don't Forget the Laundry Bag!

We always forget to bring an extra plastic bag or two for dirty laundry - don't make the same mistake we do way too often. Also some zip locks to protect your clothes from uncapped deodorant, leaky perfume/cologne, lotion, make up, and any other goopy horrors from the bathroom counter. Wet bathing suits will also need a bag too! 

Be Versatile

Pack clothing that can be reused - no one is judging, you're on vacation! No one will know or care that you wore the same top three different times. Bring pants you can wear with several different tops, sundresses you can wear with sandals to sight see and then glam up with a nice pair of earrings for dinner, and gentlemen can bring along a light button up to dress up his shorts and t-shirt. It's easy to bring so much that you don't even wear half of it. What I find helpful is laying out what I think I want to wear to each activity on our itinerary so you can see in front of you exactly what you can swap out for a more flexible choice.

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